Correlating UKIP

April 14, 2015 justwriting 0

Heading towards the General Election  UKIP’s rise continues.But who are the Kippers and what do they want? In the South-East 2014 EU elections UKIP overtook […]


March 17, 2015 justwriting 0

  From the 22nd to 25th May 2014 the people of 28 EU countries chose the 751 MEPs to represent them in Brussels. Well some […]

The Mighty Rooks

February 28, 2014 justwriting 0

What’s not to like about Lewes FC, The Mighty Rooks. A ground called The Dripping Pan a stroll from the town centre. Eleven quid to […]

Not so big Sunday

February 26, 2014 justwriting 0

The winter storms have finally ended it’s a beautiful Sunday and Brighton and Hove has come out into sunshine. On the seafront thousands are running […]

Sodastream protest

January 21, 2014 justwriting 0

Promptly at 1.00 pm every Saturday for over a year two factions assemble outside an unremarkable shop in Brighton unpack their flags, placards and leaflets […]

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