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Hove – Brexit or not

Saturday was a day-of-action for Remain in the EU referendum. Every day is a day-of-action for Leave. In Hove, two Ins and an Out. Labour, Greens and Vote-Leave had set up stalls. None were confident of winning, all were concerned about a low turn-out and conflicted about their allies in their cause.

Green-In Andy

Remainers apologise for the EU. On the Green-In stall overlooking Brunswick Square. Andy said: “We know there’s a lot wrong with the EU.”  but workers rights and the environment are the Greens main reasons for staying-in. Andy felt we belonged in Europe and connections with European Greens were important but it was strange being on the same side as the Tories. He thought most people were fed up with the campaign and a low turn-out would lead to Brexit. Vote_Leave George Street Patricia

Leavers are angry about the EU. Patricia on Georges Street was angry that the UK paid the EU £350 million every week and said that this controversial claim wasn’t controversial. She was exasperated that the majority of people didn’t seem interested and if they knew the facts they would vote to Leave

She said. ” Someone  told me that they had voted Remain in last weeks PCC election.”

The Leave campaigners were from Ukip’s Grassroots-Out who lost out to Vote-Leave in being designated as the official Brexit campaign. Ukip have worked for years to get a referendum but now find themselves volunteering for a Brighton & Hove Vote-Leave campaign controlled by Labour Councillor Tom Bewick. Patricia was uneasy that Vote-Leave leaders were talking about a second referendum so winning on the 23rd June would mean renegotiation not Brexit.

Labour-In Ann Georges St Hove

Just along Georges Street,  Ann for Labour-In , with a Jeremy Corbyn lapel badge said: “We know the EU needs to change.” but ” the EU had won workers rights and protected the environment. ” She predicted a low turn-out which might help Vote-Leave win and was perplexed with ending  up on the same side as ” Cameron and Gideon ” .

But what would happen if they lost :-

Anne said the worst thing about losing was Farage, Johnson and Gove winning. There would be no protection from the Tories but thought it might give Labour a chance  at the next election .

Patricia for Leave didn’t know what would happen to Ukip but thought they would carry-on fighting.

Andy for Greens-In said :  ” If I wake up on the 24th and we’ve lost I’ll be absolutely devastated .”

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