I need to find something to write about

It’s the third week into my  NCTJ and I haven’t written anything yet. Luckily I live in Brighton and there is always something happening. So on Saturday afternoon I checked the What’s On listing and went out with my camera.


Just down the Western Road there is a protest outside the SodaStream shop. I talk to a few people and learn that Sodastream have a factory in the disputed West Bank. I also learn that I need to improve my photography skills. Photography tip- don’t have a bus and communal rubbish bin in the centre of the picture.Image

I don’t have time to stop because I’m going to the Dome where there is a Kachin day of celebration. The Kachin are an oppressed people from  north Burma known for their communal dance -Mytkyina-and traditional costumes. Unfortunately the Kachin day of celebration only lasted from 1 to 3pm  and I missed it. The Kachins were wandering around the Dome museum taking photos of each other. Here is a Kachin man trying on a South Pacific burial mask.


Klaus is a regular street performer in Brighton. When I spoke to him he was lounging around having a smoke then he leapt up,  plugged his CD player in  and turned Eye of a Tiger up loud.


He had spotted some opposition setting up just down the road and was protecting his patch.


The Brighton Digital festival is coming to the end. I can’t get exited about digital music or art it just seems soulless but I went to the Mutant exhibition at the Phoenix which is a collaboration between biologists and digital artists. It didn’t do anything for me.


There are so many people  who have a passions and beliefs  and  spend their weekends doing stuff outside the British mainstream of shopping, sports and drinking. I went to a  anti-racism workshop where they were making an anti-racism quilt and then to crafts fair. Anthony makes and  sells hand painted picture frames. Photography tip – check subject has eyes open.


As I am happy being British mainstream I had an idea to write a  ” Cheapest pint in Brighton” article. This was inspired by being charged four quid for a pint at the Blind Tiger. It was only a few years ago that only ice cold Guinness cost over three pounds. Like the four minute mile in reverse the four pound barrier once broken will herald a surge towards a fiver.

Obviously this would take a great deal of research and the only place to start is the home of the cheap pint and the all day drinker, Wetherspoons. The barman said the cheapest pint was John Smiths at an incredible 1.79 but they’d run out so I had a Carlsberg at 2.21.


As there are more pubs than people in Brighton I think this survey is beyond me.

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