The Roman Ave! party -Searching for Jean Louis

On the 24th April the Regional Returning Officer for the South-East published a list of 119 candidates belonging to 15 parties standing for elections to the European Parliament on the 22nd May.Party lists

Few people in the South East know their ten MEPs let alone the EU 2014 candidates but some  names on the list do stand out.

Nigel Farage MEP UKIPParty leader,Nigel Farage , tops UKIP’s list. An MEP since 1999 he lives in Kent. Despite multiple media scandals all polls predict that the South East will soon be represented by at least three UKIP MEPs.

Jason KitkatJason Kitkat, the Brighton and Hove council leader  is only fourth choice for the Green party.They would need to triple the 271,506 votes they achieved in 2009 to get him elected but with fracking being an issue and the Lib-Dems collapsing, he stands an outside chance. Councillor Kitkat will not say if he will stand down from his current 50K a year position. He said: ” I don’t comment on hypotheticals.”

Marta Andreasen MEP ConservativeMarta Andreasen MEP is fourth on the Conservative list. She was elected for UKIP in 2009 but defected to the Tories  in 2013 saying that Nigel Farage was bullying, anti-women and a Stalinist. MEP Andreasen is a former EU chief accountant who was sacked for challenging the EU audit. She may not be catching the Eurostar back to Brussels if her former party’s surge to the top of the polls proves true.

In May South East voters can select from parties at the each end of the political spectrum.

Paul Weston
Paul Weston

Liberty GB is anti-EU, has connections to the English Defence League and is anti- Islam. Chairman and founder Paul Weston denies he’s a racist. He has been a member of UKIP and the British Freedom Party. In April this year he was arrested outside Winchester Guildhall for reading  from a Winston Churchill book that is critical of Islam. All charges were dropped.

John Morris
John Morris

The Peace Party leader John Morris from Guildford  believes that the European Union is a force for good and a step toward a united planet.

In 2009 The Peace Party received over nine thousand votes. Mr Morris hopes: “Voters will come to realise that, if they really desire the EU to lead the way to peace, then they should turn out in their thousands and vote for The Peace Party.”

Jean Louis Pascual
Jean Louis Pascual

Finding out what the Roman Ave! party is standing for in 2014 is difficult.

Reading bus driver Jean-Louis Pascual is the only candidate . Born in Bordeaux he has stood in four Reading borough elections and in the 2009 EU poll took over five thousand votes, 0.4% of the total cast. Unfortunately 2.5% is required to save the  £5000 deposit.

Local newspaper articles and old election leaflets show that the Roman Ave! party is pro-Europe, pro-EU and believes  in justice. The party motto is “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”

His party doesn’t have a website, Twitter feed or Facebook page. The e-mail address on his election leaflets no longer exists and he hasn’t responded to questions on his personal Facebook page, his phone number is not listed. Even the only online photo is cunningly cropped by copywrite owner GetReading newspapers to conceal his identity.


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