Correlating UKIP

Heading towards the General Election  UKIP’s rise continues.But who are the Kippers and what do they want?
In the South-East 2014 EU elections UKIP overtook the Tories to become the most popular party. Mapping the EU results shows that UKIP’s heartland is Nigel Farage’s home county of Kent.

UKIP success is driven by two issues: Immigration and BREXIT but they are more popular in areas where immigration is low.

UKIP are said to appeal to an older generation: Unhappy with change and nostalgic for era when Britain was great.

Their 2014 campaign claimed that EU immigrants are taking British jobs.

Ukip poster worker

UKIP do seem to be more popular where Unemployment is high.

Comparing the South-East average to data from five local authorities where UKIP are most popular indicates Kippers are more likely be unemployed, old aged pensioners, angry at immigrants moving to other areas.

UKIP Top 5 local authorities

Of course correlation doesn’t prove causation. UKIP’s success also compares well with many other data sets such as areas with high numbers of Kebab shops.

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