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Brewdog Old Steine

A Brewdog pub has just opened in Brighton. The independent Scottish brewery says: It sells cutting-edge beer in amazing locations with legendary staff.
Can it survive in a City that is home to three Wetherspoons ?
In Brewdog the most expensive pint is £12.30, half a mile away in Wetherspoons the cheapest is £2.10

West Street Wetherspoons
Wetherspoons West Street

The latest pub in Brewdog’s chain has moved into Hector’s House on Grand Parade. Vacant since 2014 when The Blind Tigers Club, a live music venue, closed due to noise complaints.

The live music has gone. Brewdogs refurbishment is fake industrial with booths in wire cages and exposed pipework. There are lots of beards about. The range of beers is mad and so are some of the prices and strengths.

Brewdog beers

Beer is available in pints, halves, two-thirds and thirds. The staff are friendly, offer samples and advice. It’s a Living Wage company.
For a strong beer the barman recommended Stone Ruination he said: It’s typical Brewdog, they get all types of hops and throw them at it.

Stone Ruination £5/half 9.2%
Stone Ruination £5/half 9.2%

It has a great taste of hops but with 9.2 % alcohol it has the after-taste of street drinkers favourite Carlsberg Special Brew.
Wetherspoons has carpets, fruit machines, Sky News, big family groups and single blokes having a quiet pint. The cheapest pint is an IPA at £2.10 but is off, Directors at £2.50 is having it’s pipes cleaned so it’s London Pride for £2.80.
The staff are on automatic, half-way through a long shift.

London Pride £2.80/pint
London Pride £2.80/pint 4.1%

Draught London Pride has the foamy texture and taste of the once ubiquitous John Smiths. The bitter that stopped people drinking bitter.
The only beard is Jeremy Corbyn’s who is on Sky News having just become Labour leader. He fights against inequality in society. If he succeeds maybe there will be more Brewdogs and fewer Wetherspoons.

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