I find planning applications interesting

I’m taking a  trainee journalism course NCTJ in Brighton. I had big plans to keep a blog going but there is so much else to do. I’m playing catch up .

I’m not complaining. All the else I had to do. Looking for and chasing stories, researching obscure stuff. I spent three evenings on Palace Pier waiting for some starlings to show up. It’s not work.

A few weeks ago we had a lecture on how to report  council committee planning meetings. The committee decide on the whether a range of projects can be built. They make decisions on multi-million pound developments to PVC window frames in a heritage area.

For our lecture we looked at the BHCC website.  There was one stand-out application to discuss.

Ex-drug addicts were going to be housed in shipping containers.

The application was actually a practical solution to a difficult problem. Brighton and Hove has a drug problem and a housing shortage. Recovering addicts have nowhere to live.

Shipping containers have been adapted to apartments and used as student housing in Holland. They have the advantage of being temporary and quick to assemble.  If it becomes a problem it can be closed and moved.

The sketch for the project looked promising. I wouldn’t mind living there.

Shipping container 2

I cycle past the site every day. It’s at the bottom of a hill on the corner of a busy junction. A railway line runs behind the trees.

The site used to be a scrapyard and on the corner  the Cobblers Thumb pub.

The pub had been listing for years, despite desperate attempts to keep it upright it  was condemned and demolished,

I don’t know much about urban planning but there is a reason you have a scrapyard and a pub on a busy corner where trucks start to grind uphill. Next to a railway line.

It’s because nobody wants to live there.


Good luck to them.

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