It’s alright for some – Brighton’s housing boom

House prices in Brighton & Hove have risen by 490 % in the last 20 years. The highest percentage increase of any town or city in the country.

Data from the ONS  shows the Median House Price in Brighton & Hove  rose from £50k in 1995 to 290k in 2015. The highest of the 113 towns and cities analysed. The lowest was Burnley with 148%.


The North/South property-price divide is widening. In the Median-House-Price-Increases League, The South dominate the top ten positions and northern towns occupy the bottom. In the last twenty years the lowest house prices have risen the least.


The Brighton property market slowed during the economic recession but has surged during the recovery. It’s good news for Brighton’s estate agents and home-owners.

But for first-time buyers and those who missed the property boat there are few affordable options.


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